Baby clothes cannot be separated from stains. Starting from the stains of milk, vomit or defecate. The easiest way to remove the stain is to wash it immediately. However, if the stain has been sticking continuously, then you can try to remove it by soaking in water and detergent. If necessary, use stain remover that has been previously safe for baby clothes. If you find it difficult to take care of baby clothes, you can visit and we will help you.

Avoid using detergents with harsh chemicals on cloth diapers. Use special baby and hot water detergents. Rinse cloth diapers at least twice so that the rest of the soap is completely gone. If necessary, when washing cloth diapers, separate them with other baby clothes. Before baby clothes are used, wash them first until clean, so that dust or other materials that can disrupt the baby’s skin can be lost. Some types of outerwear, such as jackets, need not be washed before use. For baby gear with adhesive, hook it before washing or drying so as not to get caught in other clothes.