Whenever you’ve got some health problems, handling those problems on your own beforehand can be necessary before you get the professional treatment. Although it only applies to the light diseases, knowing the right ways to deal with them in order to avoid the worse condition can be very useful. As for the growth of yellow spot on eyelid, you bet that it’s been caused by the excessive amount of cholesterol in your body. This one isn’t bringing any direct danger to your life, so you should deal with it calmly and try to do these things:

Resist the urge to scratch them

Yes, these plaques that have been formed due to your cholesterol are itchy. So you bet that you will want to follow the nature’s command to scratch them for the sake of getting rid of the itchiness. Nevertheless, this is not a good idea, due to you may inflict some wounds to the skin near your eyes, and those wounds may lead to a fatal skin infection. So that’s why applying a safe and compatible cream to reduce the itchiness can be a good idea, and remember to put the cream sufficiently and carefully, it’s because the area around your eyes can be pretty tricky to deal with.

Go to the clinic right away

What we mean clinic in this article is to find the specialized clinics for cholesterol diseases. As you may aware, there are so many types of clinics that specialized themselves in curing particular diseases. So when you’ve got these yellow plaques near your eyes, the doctors of that clinic may tell you that you’ve suffered from Xanthelasma Palpebrarum. You may don’t have to worry too much due to the doctors will know the right ways to deal with it soon, and you may also be suggested to eat more healthy foods and exercise more often for the sake of reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body.