Plan to use your free time with hobbies and interests that you have been doing or are completely new. People who lack the hobby and interest when retiring will often become bored quickly and depressed. It’s important to stay active, not only physically but mentally. Exercising is very important to maintain your body fitness while socializing and keep learning is very important to keep your sharpness of mind. With us assisted living seattle many activities you can do to encourage creativity in your retirement.

The vision of your retirement should also include your inheritance, not only for your descendants but also for the people. Ask yourself, “How can I contribute to making the Earth a better place for others?” Many studies have shown that the happiest people in the world are those who are committed to helping others. You may consider working as a volunteer, such as teaching at school or entertaining patients in the hospital. Share your energy, time, knowledge, wisdom, and passion for free to the people who need your help.