Ever find it difficult to understand the conversation on the phone? Or find it difficult to hear a sound like a doorbell or dripping tap? Until cannot understand other people’s conversation with the background of the atmosphere is quite crowded? All this indicates that you have a problem with hearing. Hearing loss should be treated as soon as possible so as not to become more severe and experience total hearing loss. Many ways can be done to treat hearing loss, one of them is by visiting reviewsfactor.

For the first step, you can clean the ear wax. Actually, the dirt on the ears is quite normal, even though this dirt, the ear can cleanse itself. However, if earwax accumulates in large amounts, this is what can cause hearing problems. Try to see a doctor and ask the doctor to clean it. However, if you believe that it is really earwax, you can try and clean it with the help of hydrogen peroxide that can soften the dirt and make it liquid, so that the dirt can go out on its own. If you feel that the ears start to ache, earwax is dry, dizziness, and there is inflammation in the ears, check it immediately to the doctor. This condition can cause hearing loss.

In addition, certain drugs that may cause hearing loss, such as certain diuretics and antibiotics with warnings on the label “may cause, ring, tinnitus or hearing loss”. So, you should consider the label before you take certain medications to prevent long-term hearing loss. Hearing loss can also occur if there is some fluid that accumulates in the middle ear. You can visit a doctor or enter a small pipe to drain the fluid to prevent hearing loss. Avoid too often using earphones to prevent hearing loss. Research has proven that people who often use earphones for more than an hour at high volume levels, more than sixty percent can suffer from hearing loss. So keep your earphone volume level and do not use it too long to prevent hearing loss.