Indeed, in terms of electricity usage costs, use within the same timeframe can help you save up to 20% per month. However, if you are not satisfied with the desired temperature level, not necessarily low wattage AC according to your estimates aircon repair singapore. In addition, the cost of purchasing low-wattage AC is, of course, more expensive than standard AC. If the use of your low watt AC is not true, then not necessarily also low wattage AC can be more profitable because your initial investment is also greater. low-wattage low-power AC air compressors and take longer to cool the room. This means low wattage AC does not work with the same result as AC Standard. The selection of air conditioning services should be considered carefully because if you choose wrong it will harm you. We recommend you to choose our aircon repair singapore that has been trusted for more than decades of experience to customers.

Actually, the innovation of Low Watt AC is raised more on the reason for a house with low electrical power can use the AC and not on the electricity cost savings are very significant. If your house has low electrical power, then low wattage AC is very suitable to be installed. But if the power is sufficient, you will usually be advised to choose AC Standard or AC inverter. Low wattage AC is also more suitable for use in the room that is only used not too long, such as office space at home, living room, karaoke room, children’s playroom etc. Activities in the room usually do not exceed 3 hours and should not be very cold.