Since scoliosis is usually mild, this condition is not easily detected. Parents are not always aware of this condition in their child because its development is slow and almost no change can be seen or felt. In developed countries, scoliosis screening is mandatory in some schools, and school teachers or nurses are often the first to be aware of this condition. Here are the signs of scoliosis that is uneven shoulders. One shoulder bone protrudes. Waist or hips uneven. Scoliosis can develop at any time during adolescence, and visits to a doctor are important once they recognize an arch for you or your child. The doctor will ask the patient to bend forward toward the floor so that the arch is more visible. The doctor will also take an X-ray photo of the patient’s back to ensure the presence of the arch. From the results of this examination, treatment options (if any) will be described and if you want to treat the disease, you can manipulate vertebrates by looking at our guides at

If the arch is considered light, the doctor will monitor the patient to make sure the curvature does not get worse. Age, gender, type of arch and location will be considered when determining what treatment should be given. In addition, the doctor will evaluate the patient’s family history as well as the associated pain. Because each person’s spine is slightly different, there is not only one way to define how scoliosis looks and develops. Sometimes the arch appears small and sometimes very clear; sometimes spinal arch occurs in more than one place and sometimes only in one place.