Advances in technology, computers, and telecommunications support the development of Internet technology. With internet business users no longer have difficulty in obtaining any information, to support their business activities, even now tend to be obtained various kinds of information, so that information must be filtered to get the right and relevant information. It transforms the information age into the internet age. The use of the internet in business is changing from functionality as a tool for electronic information exchange to tools for business strategy applications, such as marketing, sales, and customer service. Marketing on the Internet tends to break through obstacles, national boundaries, and without standard rules. While conventional marketing, goods flow in big parties, through seaports, container use, distributors, guarantee institutions, importers, and bank institutions. Conventional marketing is more involved than marketing over the internet. So the role of the internet is very important for the progress of your business. You need to have internet services like to increase your success in the business field.

Marketing on the internet is the same as direct marketing, where the consumer deals directly with the seller, even though the seller is abroad. “Internet users worldwide are around 200 million, 67 million of which are in the United States, the Internet in Indonesia doubled every 100 days.” With ACM technology on satellite modems, it can optimize connection quality in times of adverse weather so that Mangoesky services can still be connected well. Mangoesky services to meet the needs of broadband internet and entertainment both housing and individual, and support the middle to lower (SME / SME / SME / SME / SME / SME) business especially for prospective customers in remote areas. The quota’s active period is 30 days from the quota charging period. If your quota runs out, the internet speed will be lowered to up to 128 Kbps within the first 7 days. To restore the normal speed, you can perform topping (refill) quota through the channel we provide.