A detox diet is a method to lose weight by removing all toxins in the body. Detoxification is a process of cleansing the intestines by removing toxins or harmful substances from cigarette smoke, pollution, and others from the body with the help of certain foods, such as fruits that contain lots of water;reviews factor.

When doing detox diet you are required to only consume certain foods and beverages and must leave your consumption habits as usual. Some ways that can be taken to do detox diet is to do fruit detox. Techniques like this are very good to practice, this is because the content possessed by some fruit it can to increase energy, reduce the level of stroke, and can manage your weight.

Therefore detox fruit is highly recommended to be done as a detox diet step is good, good and healthy for your body. In addition to fruits, there are some other foods you can consume while you are in the stage of doing a detox diet:

– Eat all the fresh vegetables
– Eat fresh fish
– Lean meat max 2 servings per week
– Skinless chicken max 2 servings per week
– Boiled eggs
– Green tea
– Olive oil, etc.

The procedure of doing detox diet for 3 days

The first day. On the first day, it is advisable to consume carrot juice as your breakfast menu, eat strawberries or spinach as a lunch menu, and eat corn on the cob as your dinner menu. Some of these things you must do to launch detox diet.

The second day. On the next day the second day, try to make vegetable juice to serve as a breakfast menu. Next, eat a salad as your lunch menu, and eat fish that contains lots of protein as your dinner menu, some highly recommended fish are sardines, tuna fish, and others.

The third day. On the last day of the third day, you can make apple juice plus carrots as your breakfast menu. Next, to lunch, you can eat some fruits that are rich in flour content, such as bananas. And close your day with a dinner menu of chicken soup without skin, or can also eat peanut soup.