The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that “antidepressant drugs can raise suicidal thoughts in some children, adolescents, and adults in the first few months of treatment.” You should know that antidepressants will increase your energy in the first few weeks but you will see an increase in mood within 4-6 weeks. Thoughts of suicide generally appear during the first few weeks of treatment. Therefore to prevent suicidal thoughts, you would be better off doing treatment with us which will help you to eliminate negative thoughts about suicide.

People who experience depression usually heal faster with help and support from others. You should discuss your condition with family members and friends while making notes in the journal. You can express pain, anger, fear or other emotions through writing. Find support groups, counseling groups and other groups to help alleviate depression. Religious groups may also offer help with mental health problems. Learn information about depression. Encourage your family to learn about depression to help them understand and support you. By understanding your condition, they can help you to avoid triggers and motivate you to stick to a treatment plan.