There is always a fungus wherever you turn – in the air, you breathe and water damage Houston  on many surfaces, you touch. Whether it’s slimy black stains on your bathroom wall or white hairy patches on the floor of your kitchen, moldy houses are more than a matter of beauty. To be able to solve this problem, take advantage of the presence of mold removal Houston by simply shopping around or get an online quote. The right professional can help you remove mold and prevent it grows back at your home. However, you should know why mold grows around your home or even in your home.

Why is the house moldy?

The fungus is the growth of small organisms black, white, orange, green, to the undesirable purple and can be found almost everywhere. Outdoors, fungi play an important role in nature, cultivating foliage, plants, and dry trees. Mushrooms survive in humid environments and multiply by releasing small and light spore forces that travel through the air.

Inside the house, the fungus is found as a result of surface condensation due to excess humidity, lack of ventilation, or low temperature; vapor or non-qualified air circulation in the bathroom; as well as water leaks, such as from a leaky roof or pipe, rotted wooden floors, or flood marks. Common places for mushrooms to grow indoors are piles of cardboard, window sills, fabrics, carpets, and walls in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry area.