If combined with email marketing, then this could be one online marketing solution in addition to SEO methods. So ideally after we are able to get visitors traffic to the website either from the search engine, social media and the next step is to direct visitors want list and join your email list. From here you can do various creations of marketing activities, whether for the purposes of promotion, selling or simply establishing relationships prospects and your customers. In fact, all the major sites do it without us realizing. For those of you who are also starting to build email list can work with the services of SEO pagesatu.com in helping promote your products and services.

One way is to specify NICHE. NICHE taken and cultivated do not widen. Then create a squeeze page that gives a free report about cooking and redirects to the one cooking product as OTO, the rest of the other products we put in the email follow-up with an interval of 3 days or more. Try each product that will be done promote it related to each other. You can also drive traffic to the squeeze page by creating an article about tips and tricks that will help people report to us. Submit article in article directories and try to create articles and submit at least 1 article every day on an ongoing basis. It could also create a status in our social media accounts like facebook and twitter and then put a link to this page.