SEO is one method to bring in traffic. Aside from the use of quality articles, the existence of SEO is also very important to boost the popularity of blogs and bring in high traffic. One way to find SEO experts is by doing online research like visiting When selecting the potential SEO provider, consider the following things:

1. Make sure the SEO services company that my friend chose has a good reputation

You can check the ranking of SEO services site. If the site is less popular, low traffic rank means he is not the right choice for my friend choose.karena course if the SEO service that we will rent is a professional SEO service then of course high traffic rank.

2. Know the mechanism and background of SEO services that will be rent buddy

Ask the SEO services cs, how their mechanisms in building the popularity of your website or blog. It should be underlined that SEO techniques are closely related to link building. Make sure they do link building that does not violate search engine guidelines. If they do link building containing spamming, then your blog will be very unsafe.